The Word ‘Homosexual’ Is in the Bible by Mistake: The Explosive Documentary That Is Under Attack

The first time the word “homosexual” appeared in the Bible was in 1946. 

That year, a committee gathered to translate an updated English version of the book from the Greek. 

Religious scholars, priests, theologists, linguists, anthropologists, and activists have done decades of research and investigation into the instances where the word appears in the book. 

Their conclusion is that it was a mistranslation. 

In other words, the Biblical assertion that homosexuality is a sin 

the catalyst for an entire shift in culture, with political repercussions, religious implications, consequences for LGBT rights and acceptance, and, frankly, deadly results—was, they allege, a mistake. 

1946: The Mistranslation That Shifted Culture is a new documentary directed by Sharon “Rocky” Roggio. 

Ahead of its premiere this week at the DOC NYC festival, it has, as one might expect, gone viral within the conservative and Christian communities.