‘The Opposite of Fear Is Love’: Christos Passalis on Grief and Healing in Thessaloniki Competition Title ‘Silence 6-9’

After breaking out with a debut role in the film that ushered in the Greek Weird Wave 

becoming one of his country’s most accomplished theater actors and directors, Christos Passalis makes his feature directorial debut with “Silence 6-9,” 

a haunting, melancholic love story that plays in competition this week at the Thessaloniki Film Festival. 

Passalis’ first feature premiered in the Crystal Globe competition at the Karlovy Vary Film Festival 

“absorbing, surreal, retro-futurist love story” as a “beautifully crafted solo debut.” 

“After a beginning unmistakably located deep within the familiarly bizarro, alien reaches of the Greek Weird Wave aesthetic, 

Passalis’ solo directorial debut gradually distinguishes itself by moving to a more human and humane place,” she wrote.