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VIDEO: Nikki Glaser Hosted Jimmy Kimmel and She Killed it.

Nikki Glaser has been very busy since returning to St. Louis at the beginning of the pandemic

Girls in St. Louis Nikki Glaser hosted Jimmy Kimmel Live last night and she gave us back our pride.

Glaser takes over the show and pokes fun at politicians and asks kids for dating advice – with hilarious results. The kids make regular appearances on Kimmel’s show, and they often deliver better jokes than the hosts.

Nikki Glaser has been busy since returning to St. Louis at the start of the pandemic.

She doesn’t just have a show on E! The television network about her new life in St. Louis with the title “Welcome home Nikki Glaser?” She also hosts “FBoy Island” on HBO Max and airs the podcast four days a week.

A steady supply of grilled ravioli and Provel cheese has certainly worked for our daughter. It is going strong and putting the STL in disarray. Respect.

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